Best Way to Reach the Vienna City Center

Vienna is one of the most adored gems of Europe as it offers the best fusion of nature, entertainment, and buzzing life. “Innovation Cities Global Index” has ranked it to be one of the most innovative cities in the world following, London and San Francisco. Be it the unique melody of Jazz, the impressive opera, or the magnificent architecture, Vienna does not fail to impress people with its distinguished tourist charm.

Summer months are much favourite among the tourists when planning a trip to Vienna. However, if you want to avoid thick crowds and plan to relish the unspoiled air of Vienna, then April-May and September-October are the perfect months, as you will find a mild with dispersed crowds.

Planning a trip all on your own is quite overwhelming. Every detail needs to be at your fingertips to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Where to land, how to get into the city, where to lodge, and which travel destinations to explore; there are so many questions that circle one’s mind when outlining an itinerary.

Hold on! We are here to resolve your worries. Sit back, relax, and get to know all the titbits of the best way to reach the city centre.

vienna city center taxi

How to get to the city centre?

The Vienna International airport is located in Schwechat. The airport is present at a distance of about 18 km southeast of central Vienna. It is the largest airport in the country serving all the Austrian international airlines and some domestic budget airlines. There are three options available to travel from the airport to the city centre i.e., bus, airport taxi, and train depending upon the level of convenience you are looking for.

When travelling by train, there are two options available. One is the City Center Train that gets you landed in the spellbinding city of Vienna within 20 minutes for 12€. The other subway option is to ride on Public Schnellbahn S7 which takes 25 minutes to get to the city centre while charging a very decent amount of 3.90€. The next travel option on the board is the bus service. 8€, 20 minutes, and you are in Vienna to sip in the fresh air and cherish the glistening landscape.

However, if you are looking for a convenient, private yet comfortable ride then the best option out there is to hire a airport taxi. In the current pandemic scenario, taxi services are offering a sanitized environment that includes a contact-free ride, sanitiser available in the car, and regular car sanitization.

There are flat rates available for Vienna.CAB. It depends upon several factors such as size of vehicle, number of passangers and luggage and the time of booking (late-night rides +5€). For advanced booked rides, it costs about 28€ per vehicle to reach Vienna in around 20-25 minutes.

Vienna Airport Cab

Vienna Airport Cab is one the most reliable, and hassle-free 24/7 airport taxi service in Vienna that offers the fastest transfer with minimal hitches along the journey. They offer fixed taxi rates (no taximeters and hidden charges involved) no matter when you book the ride. The travel fares for various cab options are enclosed below;

  • Limousine: 37€ (up to 3 Adults, 2 Large travel bags, 2 Small travel bags)
  • Wagon: 42€ (up to 4 Adults, 3 Large travel bags, 3 Small travel bags)
  • Van: 60€ (up to 8 Adults, 7 Large travel bags, 7 Small travel bags)

There have been maintained strict sanitized environment for all the passengers. All drivers wear masks, vehicles are disinfected, 15-minutes break maintained between 2 rides, and provision of contact-free rides. They offer additional assistance in case of a delayed flight (if you have booked a ride in advance), and allow the cancelling of the ride via an email or phone call.

How to book the airport taxi?

With Vienna Airport Cab, it is an effortless process to book a ride in advance. In the online booking form, select your date of arrival, mention your flight number, fill out the complete arrival address, select the type of vehicle, fill in the luggage details, and select the method of payment.

Boom! You are ready to go!

You can also hire a Vienna Airport Cab service for other city trips such as moving to the tourist’s destination and getting around in the city. Hourly rates are available to book Saloon cars (Sedan), Estate cars (Station Wagons), and People carriers (Minivan MPV’s).

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